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According to recent discoveries in neuroscience, we are only aware of 10% of our reality in our conscious mind. This means 90% of our reality is subconscious, and most of us are only living from our conscious mind. This is a big deal!

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Do you feel stuck in your current job? Over 85% of people report being unhappy and unsatisfied with their job. I will help you change your life, get unstuck, and move forward.

This is a one-on-one coaching program designed to move you forward with the life you want. Schedule a connect call to see if this program is right for you.

For someone, like myself, who is a high level and in-depth thinker, it’s difficult to derive meaningful insight and clarity from a coaching program. However, Lucas’ program is PURE GOLD.
— Jaresiah Desrosiers, Entrepreneur
Ten minutes with Lucas saves me days when it comes to knowing how to move forward in my business. I walk away sharper, with more clarity and more confidence.
— Jesse, Certified Life Coach
Working with Lucas was one of the most significant things I did for my business. Every session with him moved me forward onto my ideal path. He is truly called to work with people and help propel them into purpose.
— Doreen, Business & Holistic Health Coach
Lucas has an uncanny ability to see into the depths of who you are and gently ask profound questions that stir up latent dreams. He’s helped me tune into a career path that resonates and flows from my authentic self.
— Janice, Relational Healer
Lucas will be a tremendous asset to anyone who is seeking to create clarity and strategy in their personal or professional lives. I found his approach to be thought-provoking and refreshing.
— Ava, Communcation Director & Executive Assistant
After every coaching session with Lucas, I am wildly encouraged and dramatically more healthy. His advice is actionable and sustainable. Lucas squashes mountains into molehills.
— Elizabeth, Author & Writing Coach
Lucas has an amazing gift to help bring clarity and focus. He has my highest recommendations for anyone seeking out clarity or direction in their life!
— Alex, Entrepreneur

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