Lucas M. Bell

The Genius Journey

Your Guide to Creating an Abundant Future


Become 100% unleashed, loved & accepted for who you uniquely are.

You were made to live in your zone of genius: the synergy of your desires, core identities, personal beliefs, and innate skills all working in unison to create a life of purpose & prosperity.

No more settling for confusion, doubt and despair. No more putting your dreams on the back burner and locking up your true self. No more waiting for tomorrow to make a change.

Your time is now!

In this three month heart centered journey, you will:

  • Kill the monologue of lack that says, “You can’t, you won’t, you shouldn’t, etc.

  • Say ‘no’ to what is not serving you & ‘yes’ to what will allow you to serve at your highest capacity...

  • Align with your divine design and discover the favor over your life...

  • Experience the voice of desire & understand why you must listen...

  • Elevate your energy to a higher frequency of being, believing and doing…

  • Rebuild the eco-system of your soul and embrace the power of being fully alive...

  • Connect to your true self and hear the language of your heart...

  • Generate financial, relational and emotional traction with your purpose…

Overcome your limitations & experience the satisfaction of knowing why you were put on planet earth.


Living without direction and purpose is tough.

Hope is the heartbeat of your life and the fuel for your desires.

I’ve experienced the effects of settling for a life that wasn’t 100% me. I was working a job, where lunch was the highlight of my day. I would get home and feel utterly exhausted with little motivation to change. I didn’t understand that I was the one creating these circumstances. I had become a victim of my own life, and it hurt. 

It took me over a year to realize I could either stay there or put my intentionality into developing myself and creating a life of satisfaction and sustainability. I didn’t have to wait for someone to save me. I was responsible for how I felt, thought and acted. I was responsible to discover my genius and create a life of purpose and possibility.

Once I did, everything changed. In a few short years, I had my own coaching business, travelled intentionally, met my beautiful wife (while working in New Zealand), and had an amazing son. Now, we’re exploring our purpose and prosperity as a family. ;)

Connecting to your purpose is a domino effect to realizing your other dreams and revealing deeper expressions of your true self.

The Genius Journey is a Personalized Map to your upgraded life and future


how this journey works:

  • Three months of weekly one-on-one coaching calls.

  • My framework for extracting your genius and creating a life of heart centered living.

  • Unlimited support & constant encouragement throughout the process.

  • Insight, strategy and understanding for every step of the way.

  • A willingness to change and embrace the growth.

What past journeyer’s are saying:

I worked with Lucas at a pivotal time in my life when I was making some big decisions and trying to figure a lot out. I was really struggling with whether or not I could trust myself and trust my desires, something I have had fear around for most of my life. He helped me unravel those fears and to begin to believe in myself again.

Working with him was a huge turning point for me, and months later I am still reaping the benefits of what we uncovered together. So much has shifted in my life and now I feel the freedom to go after what I have always felt called and created to do.

I’m really thankful I found Lucas, and I would absolutely recommend him to anyone looking for the next step on their journey or to unravel blocks that are holding them back from stepping into the fullness of who they desire to be. Working with Lucas is an incredible investment to make in yourself.
— Alyssa H. - Freedom Coach
Working with Lucas changed the course of my life! Before I started to meet with him I wasn’t sure of what I wanted to pursue in life and I almost gave up hope in trying to find out, but my heart was not satisfied with the status quo.

I never would be coaching right now had it not been for Lucas. I never would have chosen to coach football on my own. The most impactful part of meeting with Lucas was learning how to connect with my heart and the confidence that I gained by realizing what my heart truly desired to pursue in life.
— - Paul K. - Football Coach, Husband, Father
Lucas helped me to identify what I really wanted to achieve by teaching me how to hear my own heart’s desires. It felt like I was hearing myself for the first time, in a very very long time!

He is very gifted in knowing the right questions that need to be asked, which will lead to self discovery. I left feeling empowered to go after what I really wanted, and I have since taken the steps necessary to pursue my dreams.
— Julie A. - Executive Assistant

Don’t let confusion and doubt steal from your future any more!

Fill out the application, and we’ll jump on a short call to see if the Genius Journey is your next step.